• Ensalada de pasta con pimientos

    Pasta salad with peppers

    Ingredients• 8 cdas de Mayonnaise con Jugo de Limón La Costeña ®• 1 cda Apple Vinegar La Costeña ®• 1 cda Mustard• 1/2 cup bell pepper in La Costeña ® strips• 6 cdas of Elote Dorado La Costeña ®• 40...

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  • Ensalada de elote dorado

    Golden elote salad

    Ingredients • 1 can of Golden Elote La Costeña®• 1/2 can of Red Pickled Jalapeño Rajas La Costeña®• 1 cup Mayonnaise with La Costeña lemon juice®• 2 cdas butter• 3 cdas chopped purple onion• 1 chopped garlic cion• Salt and...

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  • Ensalada de atún toreado

    Tuna salad toreado

    Ingredients• 280 grams of Tuna in water (drained)• 6 tablespoons of Mayonnaise La Costeña® Light Salad Dressing• 3 tablespoons of Serrano Slices Toreado with Onion La Costeña®• 1 can of La Costeña® Vegetable Salad• 1 tbsp olive oil• Salt and...

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  • Ensalada de frijoles Negros

    Black Bean Salad

    Ingredients• 2 Pickled spoonfuls of la Costeña chopped jalapeños®• 2 tablespoons La Costeña Apple Cider Vinegar®• 1 Can of Chickpeas La Costeña®• 4 Tablespoons jalapeños, pickled La Costeña®• 1 can of La Costeña Whole Black Beans®• 1/2 Tablespoon oregano• Salt...

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  • Ensalada de camarón y pulpo

    Shrimp and octopus salad

    Ingredients• 1 cup octopus cooked in pieces• 1 cup Cooked shrimp• 2 cdas Chopped white onion• 6 cdas chopped Jitomate• Salt and pepper to taste• 1/2 cup of mayonnaise with La Costeña ® lemon juice• 4 cdas de Nachos de...

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  • Ensalada de arroz y vegetales

    Rice and vegetable salad

    Ingredients • 1/2 cup La Costeña Seasoned Tomato Puree®• 4 cdas of La Costeña White Vinegar®• Salt and pepper to taste• 1 cda chopped parsley• 80mls olive oil• 1/2 cup diced Italian squash• 2 cups cooked brown rice• 80 gs...

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  • Ensalada de lechuga con aderezo de mostaza y mango

    Lettuce salad with mustard and mango

    component 1 Canned mango in jamLa Costone® 3 Classic mustard seasoningLa Costone® 2 Apple vinegarLa Costone® 1/2 A mayonnaise with lemon juiceLa Costone® Salt and pepper 8 Mixed milk cup 1 A cup of cucumber, no seeds in the middle of the month 1 Comments more than...

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