Ensalada de elote dorado

Golden elote salad


• 1 can of Golden Elote La Costeña®
• 1/2 can of Red Pickled Jalapeño Rajas La Costeña®
• 1 cup Mayonnaise with La Costeña lemon juice®
• 2 cdas butter
• 3 cdas chopped purple onion
• 1 chopped garlic cion
• Salt and pepper to taste
• 2 cdas golden elote liquid
• 4 cdas cheese old "cotija" type Crumbled
• 2 cdas chopped coriander


1. In a frying pan melt the butter and sning the onion and garlic.
2. Drain the Golden Elote La Costeña® (preserve the liquid) and add it to the onion and garlic.
3. Drain and chop the red Rajas of pickled jalapeño La Costeña® and incorporate them to the elote, cook for 3 minutes and season with salt and pepper. Set up in a bowl.
4. Add mayonnaise with Lemon Juice La Costeña® and elote liquid.
5. Serve with old "cotija" cheese and chopped coriander.


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