The founders of MEXLATIN.NET, originally from Mexico City. And with deep roots within the charrería with a history of more than 80 years in it, they preserve the most real flavors and traditions of Mexicanness.

The idea of MEXLATIN.NET was born from the need to offer our compatriots residing in Europe and the general public "A little piece of Mexico..." through our gastronomy.

With authentic Mexican products we find flavors that we remember with longing!!!

We must be clear that the vast Mexican cuisine is not always spicy. On the contrary, it is so wide that we find an infinite number of dishes and ingredients that do not even come close to the spiciness of a dish of these characteristics.

Therefore, we present the widest variety of Mexican products and ingredients in Europe. Our catalog has more than 500 options. At MEXLATIN.NET you will find a great diversity of flavors, memories and Mexican traditions with just one click.

Welcome to this store full of tradition, longing and flavor of Mexico.