Caldo de hongos

mushroom soup

The taste of this broth will surprise your whole family

1 cup tomato sauce, marble
* 6 Adobe do ó a chonita? CD
· 4 oil bottles
1 / 2 cup white onion
One garlic tooth
- 2 cups of mushrooms
- 2 mushroom bowls
· 2 cups of water
· salt and pepper
· 10 diving leaves

get ready
One Heat the oil in a pan. Add onions and garlic to acidify
Two Cut the mushrooms and mushrooms into slices and add them to the pot Let them fry for three minutes
Three These include ketchup, rib?, Adobe do? A chonita? And water. Seasoning with salt and pepper
Four When it boils, it will burn slowly and let it bake for another ten minutes.
Five Take it out of the fire and serve it with fresh gravel paste


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