Burrito de frijol lechuga y pollo rostizado

Bean lettuce and roasted chicken burrito

Name of the Dish: Bean, lettuce and rotisserie chicken burrito
Type of Dish: Breakfast
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cost: Medium
Servings: 4
Ingredients Quantity

La Costeña® Refried Bay Beans (440g) 1 can
La Costeña® Ranchera Sauce (250g) ½ cup
Shredded rotisserie chicken 2 cups
Flour tortilla for burritos 4 pcs.
Lettuce cut into thin strips 1 cup
Onion ½ cup
La Costeña® Mayonnaise with Lemon Juice (385g) 4 tbsp.

Preparation method:
1. Heat the beans.
2. Mix the chicken with the sauce. Reserve.
3. Heat the flour tortilla, spread with the beans. Fill with the chicken, lettuce, onion and a tablespoon of mayonnaise for each tortilla.
4. Wrap in the shape of a burrito. Cut in half, add sauce and garnish with extra lettuce and onion.


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