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Dried Arbol Chili Pepper "Mexlatin" 100 gr

Dried Arbol Chili Pepper "Mexlatin" 100 gr

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Dried Arbol Chili Pepper "Mexlatin" 100 gr

The word chile comes from the Nahuatl chilli. The chile de arbol is a variety of chile native to Mexico and Central America. It is widely used in Mexican cuisine. It is characterized by a spicy taste and good aroma; it can be cooked or used raw, cut into slices, etc.

The most common is to find it in sauces that are used to give a different touch to each meal. The spicy flavor comes from the capsaicin, which is what causes the itch, and depending on the concentration of this, it will be the level of heat of the chili.

There are more than 30 varieties of chili peppers; however, not all of them are grown in all regions and this makes some of them characteristic of certain areas. Arbol chiles have a high content of vitamins C and A, and have been cultivated since pre-Hispanic times. The chile de arbol gets its name because the plant is taller than average and has long, thin fruits about 7 cm long.

It is green in color although it turns red when ripe. When drying it is bright red. It is usually eaten dry although there are people who prefer it fresh. This variety is very spicy and is
grows best in hot climates. Without water and at low temperatures its cultivation is almost impossible.

Uses: Preparation of moles, marinades, stews, sauces ...

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