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Dried Morita Chili Pepper "Xatzé" 75 g

Dried Morita Chili Pepper "Xatzé" 75 g

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Dried Morita Chili Pepper "Xatzé" 75 g.

The morita chili is a variety of dried and smoked chili. It has a pungency between 15,000 - 23,000 SHU (that is, medium to high spicy) It is a smaller variant of the black pepper, hence its name; It is also often associated with the chipotle chile, since both are a dry jalapeño pepper, each one having a particular nuance. It measures between 3 and 4 cm and 2 in width, 3 and its skin is smooth and shiny. It is most consumed in central Mexico (Veracruz, Puebla and CdMX mainly).

With this pepper, tomatoes, and garlic, the morita chili sauce is made, a spicy sauce that accompanies tacos and beef. the common red sauce is spicier and sweeter and has a rich smoky aroma.

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