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Molcajete 8" / 20 cm

Molcajete 8" / 20 cm

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Molcajete 8" / 20 cm

The Molcajete is an ancient kitchen utensil used in Mexican kitchens since pre-Hispanic times. They are used in the Mexican kitchen to grind chilies, spices and to make delicious sauces, guacamole and marinades.

A Molcajete is similar to a mortar being very heavy but practical. Sauces made this way taste much better than in a blender. It is a one time purchase as they are so durable that they last a lifetime.

This represents some work but only needs to be done once in the life of the Molcajete. Read the care instructions below to learn how to do this. Care: Once cured or seasoned, you can wash it with warm water and soap after each use. To season your molcajete, follow these steps:

1. Mash a handful of rice in the molcajete, making sure to turn the entire interior. Throw the rice away and rinse the molcajete with plenty of water to get rid of any loose stones.

2. Repeat step 1 twice more or until no more stones are loose.

3. Crush them again in the molcajete making sure to turn the whole inside of it. Wash it with warm water and soap and dry it.

4. Repeat step 3 once more.

5. Wash it with plenty of warm water, soap and dry it.

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