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Dried Ancho Chile "Mexlatin" 100 gr.

Dried Ancho Chile "Mexlatin" 100 gr.

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Dried Ancho Chile "Mexlatin" 100 gr.

It is one of the most widely used dried chilies in Mexico, it is the dry form of the poblano pepper.  It is dark red in color and is between 12 and 15 centimeters long. Although it is very similar to the mulato pepper, it has a flavor with different nuances. Its degree of spiciness varies greatly, from quite strong to slightly spicy.

The ancho chili is used in a myriad of stews and is frequently combined with other dry chilies such as mulato and pasilla to make moles and marinades. In some cases it is also used to make stuffed peppers.

USES: Special for preparing sauces, it does not add heat, for stews or to accompany meats.

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