Molotitos de plátano con frijol en salsa roja

Banana grinder and red bean sauce

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· 440 g roasted male bananas (simil)
· 40 g Corn Flour
One salt CD
· 4 oil bottles
· 2 plates of onion
Three bowls of black bean ice cream La costone
One cup for frying
· 4 bottles of yogurt
· 80 g of cotija cheese (simil)
· 2 cups of La costone

get ready
One Crush male bananas (silicate) with cornmeal and salt and rotate to form a uniform mass, predetermined.
Two Pour onion in 60 grams of oil, add beans, and heat to
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Three Make, enlarge and enlarge about 70 grams banana quality pellets.
Fill with frozen beans to form romboides.
Four Fry excess ground fat in hot oil
Cream, cheese, and spices


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