Ensalada de lechuga con aderezo de mostaza y mango

Lettuce salad with mustard and mango


  • 1 Canned mango in jamLa Costone®
  • 3 Classic mustard seasoningLa Costone®
  • 2 Apple vinegarLa Costone®
  • 1/2 A mayonnaise with lemon juiceLa Costone®
  • Salt and pepper
  • 8 Mixed milk cup
  • 1 A cup of cucumber, no seeds in the middle of the month
  • 1 Comments more than a month ago
  • 4 Roasted garlic

get ready

One He liquified half of the canned mango La Costone® Mayonnaise with mustard, vinegar and lemon juice La Costone® And seasoned salt and pepper. retain

Two Cut the remaining mango into cubes and serve with lettuce, cucumber, cheese and garlic.

Three Serve the salad and end with mustard and mango


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