Niño envuelto de jamón y queso

Child wrapped in ham and cheese

The ideal snack for kids and kids, it's also very easy to prepare (4

• 1 cup Mayonnaise with La Costeña lemon juice®
• 1 cup Catsup La Costeña Sauce®
• 6 cdas of Chopped Chipotles in Adobo La Costeña®
• 9 slices of white box bread
• 9 slices of Ham
• 9 slices american yellow cheese (simile)

1. In a bowl, combine mayonnaise with Lemon Juice La Costeña® and La Costeña Caussp Sauce®. Reservation.
2. Remove the edges of the box bread. Place the slices on a damp cloth
pan overlaid and flatten with a roller.
3. Untice bread with mayonnaise dressing and catsup sauce.
4. Add the slices of ham covering the surface and continue with the cheese. Add the Chopped Chipotles in Adobo La Costeña®.
5. Form a roll with the help of the damp cloth and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
6. Remove the rag, cut into slices 3 cm thick and serve.


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