Coditos con salsa rosada

Elbows with pink sauce

Your family will love this recipe (4 people)

• 120 gs of turkey ham
• 120 gs of Panela Cheese
• 4 tbsp of La Costeña® Mayonnaise with Lemon Juice
• 8 tablespoons of La Costeña® Catsup Sauce
• Salt and pepper to taste
• 400 gs of cooked Coditos
• 200 gs of La Costeña® Peasant Salad

1. Cut the ham into squares, cut the panela cheese into squares, chop the
2. Mix the pickle with the Mayonnaise with La Costeña® Lemon juice, the Sauce
La Costeña® Catsup, season with salt and pepper to taste.
3. Incorporate the elbows with the ham, the cheese, the Peasant Salad.
Costeña® and the pink sauce (previous preparation) until completely combined.
4. Serve.


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