Burritos de huevo con frijol

Egg rolls and beans

One can of all black beans
* 6 plates of ketchup, machacado La costone
· 4 eggs
Get out of here
Two oil bottles
· 2 chopped white onions
* 8 Panel cheese bars
· 8 pastries

get ready
One Heat the oil in a frying pan with onion acid. Plus tomato sauce, barbecue and reservation.
Two Drain all the black beans, put them in the milk, and use a medium heat or until they dry. book.
Three Stir the eggs and season with salt. You can see them on the beans, mixing and baking until they are cooked. book.
Four Heat the tortilla and fill it with cheese, eggs and rolls to form a tortilla.
Five Dora put the pancake in the frying pan until she got a uniform color


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