Star-shaped piñata - model "MUÑECA"

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Our piñatas are made from recycled cardboard plus Chinese paper for decoration. These piñatas fuse tradition with innovation, by combining the most representative piñata of Mexican culture, such as the 5-pointed star, with a modern, avant-garde, functional approach to its storage, distribution and transportation. We have 7 color combinations of the standard size of an open star piñata (Size approx 80x43x70 cm).

All of our piñatas are foldable, so they are practical and functional, making them easy to move and store.

Our product breaks with the current paradigm of a piñata: cumbersome, heavy, sometimes with poor appearance, low quality and lack of uniformity. Differentiating itself even more from the clay piñatas which, as has been shown, are dangerous and some even toxic. Our piñata offers a safe and fun solution to these problems.

Capacity: Up to 4 Kg of sweets.

Assembly instructions in SPANISH:

Assembly instructions in ENGLISH:




* Micro Corrugated Cardboard
* Kraft
* Hot and White Glue
* China Paper
* Macramé
* Lace
* Polypropylene Cord
* Contactel