La Costeña Corn grains / Hominy for Pozole 3,000 g

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La Costeña Corn grains for Pozole3,000 g. Ready to serve.

The corn grains used for pozole are a particular variety of large grain called cacahuacintle. From the Nahuatl word cacahuacentli which means "cocoa ear or pineapple", corn like cocoa. The cacahuacintle is a variety of corn originally from Mexico, a good advice is that if your family is not very big, drain the content of the can and separate the portions you think you will use. As an example, in case of two people you can open the 3 kg can and after draining it, separate it into 6 equal portions, put them in freezer bags and keep them in the refrigerator.

USES: White corn is special for a delicious pozole, a Mexican dish, accompanied by pork or chicken.