Cochinita Pibil Gourmet Passion 840 g

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The Yucatán peninsula is not only famous for its enviable beaches in the three states that make it up, or the typical streets of some of the cities, but also the gastronomy of that area makes anyone willing to endure the heat to taste the delicacies of this meal.

Prepared in the way they use pork, species, achiote, beans and butter, they are simply unique.

The stellar dish - and one that can be found in almost any state of the Mexican republic - is the pibil cochinita, dried pork adorned with achiote and served in hot muffins or tortillas, with purple onion on one side to accompany and a good habanero sauce, make more than one drool even to imagine them.

This dish adorns typical Mexican restaurants, establishments that only focus on cochinita, street stalls and family meals. It doesn't matter if they are served in panuchos, cakes, cheese chicharrón or tacos -which is the favorite presentation of many - the flavors that are unleashed when combining the achiote, with the flavor of the pork, the hotness of the habanero and the acidity of the purple onion, are unique and that we could not have if Mexico were not such a culturally varied country.

Cochinita pibil did not become a typical dish of the Yucatán region until the Spanish introduced pork, however, pibil as a technique was already used in pre-Hispanic cultures with deer or wild boar.

"Pibil" actually applies to foods that are cooked in ground oven, a technique that comes from the Maya, which they called "GDP" meaning "baked in."

What makes this dish so delicious is precisely its preparation, the marinated meat, is wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in a hole of soil in the heat of the fire, which allows to preserve the heat and therefore develop the flavors even more.

USES: Panuchos, tacos, pies, tostadas or cheese chicharrón.