Quesadillas de atún con mayonesa de habanero

Tuna cheese with broad bean sauce

Always wear this delicious boot

Split: 4


- tuna stuffing
Two oil bottles
· 2 plates of onion
· 12 tomato sauce slices
1 cut garlic
- 200 g tuna
· salt and pepper
One chili powder CD
· Havana mayonnaise
· 120 g mayonnaise and lemon juice La costone
· 6 servings of vegetable salad dressing (LA costone?)
One salt CD
One chili powder CD
· 8 tortillas
Two bowl fryer
A wooden stick

get ready

One Put onion and garlic in hot oil, add tuna, tomato puree, salt and pepper. Revolver. Burn it to ashes
Two Put out the fire and bite the sloth book.
Three Mix mayonnaise with broad bean sauce, add salt and chopped celery. book.
Four Heat the tortilla, fill it with tuna mixture, and use two chopsticks to make sure the omelet doesn't fall off after frying.


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